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A Heart for Kids is a nonprofit, faith-based organization. The vision for A Heart for Kids is two fold. The first is to provide an environment to love, serve and connect with children who may be experiencing a variety of social  and academic struggles. This is done through a free after school tutoring/mentoring program at a local church.


 The second is to build loving relationships with the children and provide weekly opportunities

 for hands-on learning about God, Jesus and the Bible. 




A Heart for Kids began in September of 2017. We are currently serving children who attend Erskine Elementary on Monday and Wednesday and 10th Street and Eastside Elementary schools on Tuesday and Thursday each week. 


Our time is spent helping with reading/comprehension and one-on-one tutoring. We also provide a healthy snack, crafts and teaching the children about God's love and plan for their lives. 


Our desire is to provide support to children and their families as well as their teachers and school administration.


We are grateful for the potential this program has in transforming a child's life and giving them an opportunity for a better future.

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